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Business Loan

A loan that is given to finance the working capital needed for individuals who own projects of over one year old and have the desire to improve , expand, and enhance these projects by purchasing raw materials, goods and supplies of equipment and machinery.

Home Improvement Loan

This Loan helps individuals who have the desire to improve and enhance their homes by giving them an amount that contributes with the maintenance of the existing facilities, adding new ones or making other enhancements and improvements.

Agriculture Loan

This is a loan given for covering the financing needs of farms and livestock owners.

Medical Loan

This Loan is given for individuals who have medical issues or for their parents in order to get the proper treatment or purchase medical supplies needed for treatment.

Education Loan

A Loan to provide the coverage of financial needs either to university or scholar tuition or the tuition for training or educational courses

Safety net is an insurance program that is offered exclusively for Vitas Jordan clients in collaboration with the gulf insurance group