Factory of Accounts Receivable Loans

Loan amount up to 100,000 JOD and a repayment period up to 48 months.

with Vitas Factoring of Accounts Receivable Loan Do you need to boost your cash flow instantly and solve your business's short-term lack of liquidity? With Vitas Factoring of Accounts Receivable Loan, you will receive the required cash to run and grow your business and capture new opportunities.

This loan, one of Vitas’s business loans, facilitates for small-sized enterprises the needed liquidity to pay their financial obligations, reinvest in operations as well as manage the necessary operational requirements without taking on debt or giving up equity Vitas Factoring of Accounts Receivable Loan provides you with valuable advantages and benefits

- 0% fees on early loan closure

- Fast and easy loan disbursement - given your paperwork is complete-

- No mortgages or pledges required

AmountInterest Rate (%)EIR (%)Term
1,500 - 5,000 JOD20 %26.96 % - 26.75 %1 - 48 Months
5,001 - 50,000 JOD19 %25.24 % - 24.91 %1 - 48 Months
50,001 - 100,000 JOD18 %23.10 % - 23.09 %1 - 48 Months

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    1200 - 15005
    1501 - 20005
    2001 - 30008
    3001 - 40008
    4001 - 500010
    5001 - 600020
    6001 - 800020
    8001 - 1000025
    10001 - 1400025
    14001 - 5000030
    50001 - 7500035
    75001 - 8000040
    80001 - 10000050

    *The commission is calculated 1% per annum (from the loan value depending on the repayment period) for financing amounts from 1500 to 100,000 dinars

      * Note that loans are liquidated by FAR checks (no commissions deducted) and CIF billing loans (no commissions deducted and no application fees)

      * The credit approval stipulates that the value of the monthly installment be deducted directly from the salary in the loans linked to the authorization documents (Deductions of the Housing Bank or Cairo Amman) and according to the agreements, a commission of 1% of the financing amount will be collected instead of a transfer commission with a salary deduction and the issuance and management of authorization bonds, and it is subject to the terms and conditions

      * Important note: The company abides by the instructions for licensing and presence of microfinance companies No. (2016/62) issued in accordance with the provisions of Article (26) of the Microfinance Companies Law No. (5) of 2015, and what is stipulated in Article (3)-c and Related to the maximum value and fragmentation criterion that determines the maximum allowable loan amount.

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